Monday, December 23, 2013

Stella Rose: 11 Months Old!

On Friday we celebrated 2 BIG monuments.... You turned 11 months old and your Daddy turned 30 (360 months old!) 

We had a GREAT day filled with friends and celebrating.  This month has been a whirlwind - You had your first Thanksgiving, survived Black Friday shopping with Gigi & Aunt Katy, decorated your first Christmas tree, and opened your first presents.  You prefer to chew on the wrapping paper rather than the gift so Daddy and I have taken that into consideration when buying your Christmas gifts this year.  You also met your new cousin Cooper and he's SO SMALL compared to you now - It seems like just yesterday you were that tiny!

You are crawling (FAST) around everywhere! You are kind of a bit destructive these days- you stand up against anything that will hold you (and sometimes not) and proceed to take everything in reach and throw it on the floor.  Then you move on to the next space :) You can also stand up and balance by yourself these days.  You stand there, clap your hands, sometimes drink your juice... get bored... and then sit down.  You haven't quite gone for the whole taking steps thing yet but I have a feeling its just around the corner! 

You are TALKING up a storm... Saying Mama, Dada, Baby, and your newest "Ho! Ho! Ho!" - Mimi and Pappa taught you that one and you love it :)  Speaking of - you spent an ENTIRE WEEKEND away while Mommy and Daddy were in a wedding.  You were an angel, slept through the night, and even took some good naps :) You LOVE playing with your cousins Shep and Laine too! 

You attended your first Christmas party complete with a photo booth for babies and made some cutie 1st Christmas crafts.  

You LOVE "brushing your teeth" with Daddy's toothbrush ;) 
Mami came in town from France and you LOVED spending time with her.  You even let her sleep in your room and she got up with you every morning to feed you oatmeal. 

You LOVE the rocking chair!
You are smiling ALL THE TIME.  At EVERYONE. (Especially the boys) And you have started laughing- Not the same thing makes you laugh but when something does, you just chuckle and chuckle to yourself like you are the most entertaining person in the world.  
You are still eating 6 oz every 3-4 hours.  We have slowly adjusted you to eating oatmeal every morning (with coconut milk thanks to Auntie Erin's suggestion) and we try to feed you some of whatever we are having at dinner time.  You have become increasingly more difficult to enteratin at restaurants because you don't like to sit still very long and get bored VERY fast so we have started eating out less and less frequently :) 

You are FINALLY Napping consistently!!! AND I AM A NEW WOMAN!!!! You typically sleep from 8:30pm - 7am and go down for your first nap from 9:30-11am. AND NOW you are sleeping from 2-4pm ALMOST every day! Its amazing :) 

You are consistently wearing 12-18 month clothing now and have started thinning out because of how active you are...but you are LONG girl! I think you got some height genes from your Daddy because they surely didn't come from me :) 

Stella-bug I can't wait to celebrate your very FIRST CHRISTMAS and your first birthday coming up NEXT MONTH!!! You are hitting milestones every day and growing more and more into a toddler from my tiny baby.  I have loved every second of being your Mom (well...ALMOST every second) and watching you grow up is my greatest priviledge.  

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  1. Honestly, it made me smile ( in my heart , soul, and liver) reading your blog. It feels warm and full of blessing. Wish you and your dear family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Abby ~~



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