Monday, March 3, 2014

The Little Moments

I want to remember and cherish these little everyday moments that I have with Stella. I know she's going to be grown before I know it so I thought I would make a list today. 

Stella Bug Quirks:

1. Stella always walks up to me and holds her arms above her head for me to pick her up and then she gives me love pats on my back and rests her head on my shoulder. 

2. When she's eating something she REALLY likes or is drinking out of a cup the "grown up" way she SLURPS like a little dog.  Terrible manners but its adorable! She will literally get her tongue out and lick the water/ juice/ milk in the glass. 

3. When she's in her high chair and you smile at her she will lean her head ALL the way to the side and give a squinty, 2 tooth, mischievous grin. 

4. When you wake her up after naps or sleeping through the night, she will bring 2 of her animals with her... usually by their ears, until she wakes up a bit more. 

5. She dances ALL THE TIME. If there is music, she is walking around, bopping up and down, and typically waving her hands and arms around in the air.  The church nursery has consistently told us that you love dancing during baby worship time. 

6. Clapping.... Its hilarious but if we are listening to LIVE music in the car and the audience claps at the end of the song, I can look at you back in your car seat and you are clapping along. 

7. For SOME reason you have really fallen in love with the " Ring around the Rosie" game and you walk or crawl around in circles while we sing it and you can actually sing "ASHES, ASHES" which is SO random and so cute! For a good 20 minutes at a time we can find you wandering the halls singing "Ashes! Ashes!" well after the game is done. 

8. Although majority of what we feed you winds up in your bib, seat, or the floor... We can always count on you to eat EVERY.SINGLE.BITE. of your PB&J sandwich or anything with Nutella on it. So we do know you are capable of eating. You just choose what you do and do not want to devour and definitely have a sweet tooth!

9. Your babbling never gets old. Sometimes I really think YOU think we are having a conversation.  You will just talk and talk and talk... especially in the car or first thing in the morning when Daddy brings you to bed with me. One of your favorite things to say is "Ah Weeeee" and we pretend you are saying "Ah, Oui!" which means "Oh yes!" in French. 

10. You have an affinity for markers, chap stick, bows, and your toothbrush.  You walk around with them in your hands or mouth all day long. 

These are just a few of the cute things that you do every single day that warm my heart and make me smile. I just love you baby girl! 

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