Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A New Chapter Approaching…

Sometime last summer, I stopped blogging.  It was mostly because I felt like my plate was overwhelmingly full and I was having a hard time readjusting to being in the US, being a first-time Mom, and trying to juggle being a good Mom with working from home basically full time.  I was doing my Rodan + Fields business and my slideshow business and then I was the assistant to a really amazing, high level leader in R+F.  My plate was FULL and something needed to go.  Sadly, at the time… it was this blog.  

But I have felt a void.  A void because I have collected so many stories and moments over the past year that I haven't shared.  Ups and lots of downs…. Hope and peace and uncertainty and fear of the future. One thing I keep telling my husband is what I miss the most is WRITING.  Writing has always been therapeutic for me and no matter who reads this blog, the writing helps me get my thoughts out in the open and express myself. 

You will probably think the timing of this is crazy because I am now 9 months pregnant with our second baby girl and we are MOVING this weekend… So WHY on Earth would I choose to write an entry today of all days?!?! Well that is simple. Ever since I can remember, when I am stressed beyond belief and pushed beyond my limits, I write…. and write …. and somehow the burden is lifted just a bit. 

So I sit here typing as my CRAZY adorable 2 year old naps, my house looks like a tornado blew through it, and I have a "To Do" list a mile long and I pause and reflect on how temporary this stress really is and how in 1 months time, we will get to meet our precious daughter.  

I have felt a bit guilty lately that I haven't really thought about her much - Over the span of the last 9 months we have moved,found out we were expecting another baby girl, had a family funeral, I've been to the ER with kidney stones (TWICE), hosted lots of house guests, changed OBGYNs halfway through my pregnancy,  quit my assistant role with R+F to focus solely on growing my business, dealt with a CRAZY amount of house and landlord problems, broken a lease, and found a new home with only 2 weeks notice! It.Has.Been.Insane. 

I am so anxious to move into our new home so that we can put this stressful, anxiety-filled chapter on the shelf and move forward with a fresh start and clean slate.  I want to decorate her nursery, take time to savor the movements in my belly, and daydream about what she will look like- Will she be a carbon copy of Stella or be completely unique?!!? All I know is that we will meet her March 10th if not sooner and that is SO soon! 

So I have no idea in what capacity I will be blogging but I am feeling drawn to start it up again.  Making time and space for something that is incredibly refreshing and fulfilling to me.  I hope there are still a few of you out there who will be interested in reading along on our journey. I have lots of stories to share from the past year and even more that I am sure are about to unfold as we transition to being in somewhat of a groove as a family of 3 to adjusting to a family of 4! 

Good to see you again ol' blog.  Lets start hanging out again. 



  1. Abby, I stumbled upon your blog awhile back while I was pregnant with my first, when you were also pregnant with Stella. I found your honesty refreshing and admired your boldness in your faith as I was growing in mine at the time. Anyway, I check back periodically and was happy to see you return to write. Congrats on #2!

  2. Abs I'm happy to read you again!!!! I think I'll start mine again!!! BISOUS from France!! I miss you so baaaad!!



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