Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Note to my Firstborn

To my SWEET, Stella-bug!

You have been such a champion over the past 4 weeks… You have successfully dropped your pacifier, transitioned to your "big girl" bed, AND moved houses.  This is the 3rd house you will live in during just 1 school year…. CRAZY! I hope we never do this again! 

I just want to brag on you…. TWO has been my most favorite age to date.  You can actually communicate in short sentences with us, you have QUITE the personality, and you are hilarious.  You have just started laughing at jokes and sometimes trying to make your own jokes as well :) 

I have been beaming with Mama pride because 2 kids in your MDO class apparently talk about YOU all the time to their parents.  You and Mary are best friends and apparently like to swap shoes during the school day.  Then we have Rhett… who is super shy and has a hard time leaving his Daddy, but apparently he feels comfortable around you because he talks about you all the time at home and you have been invited to a play date with him! (His Mommy found our email in the directory and everything!) I love that these kiddos see that same light in you that me and your Daddy do.

You are FULL of energy, you LOVE to dance, you have never met a stranger, and you make everyone feel special.  I cannot WAIT to watch you become a big sister in 2 weeks! Seeing how you take care of your animals ("ah-mals") and babies makes me think you are going to be such a big help with this baby.  My prayer is that the transition is smooth and that you and baby sister grow up to be the best of friends.  

Stella…. Your Daddy and I just adore you! We feel like you are seriously COOL and are so proud to be your parents. We love your laugh, the way you are FEARLESS, love to dance, and sing at the TOP of your lungs NO MATTER WHERE WE ARE haha! The other day at Target you were busting out "Let it Go" and moms were wheeling by smiling in our direction and another said "Well I think I know her favorite movie…" - I love how you are completely yourself ALL the time and I hope that never changes.

We love you sweet baby girl and we will cherish the next 2 weeks with you being our only little princess. 


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  1. So sweet Abby! Thinking of you as the little one joins soon! I always enjoy your blog updates so happy you are writing again! xo from Paris!



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