Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bastille on Bishop

Yesterday was Bastille Day (basically the French 4th of July) and I think it's important for us as a family to celebrate both holidays as our girls grow up…bilingual AND bicultural. We heard about Bastille on Bishop and decided to check it out! It sounded really promising and my pictures are probably quite misleading ha! We will NEVER go back with kids again- We were told it was very kid-friendly...when in fact it was really hot, over-the-top crowded, and the lines for food and wine were on average an HOUR long!  Adults (and especially kids) don't have that kind of patience. (Especially when all we wanted was a couple of Nutella crepes!)  I will say that big crowds don't typically bother me and it was really fun to stroll through and take a few fun pictures, but we left within 20 minutes of arriving and went out to eat somewhere outside of the Bishop Arts District since all the restaurants had really long wait lines!  I do think it's a really fun concept and if we didn't have a stroller and a runaway toddler it probably would have been quite enjoyable.  Logan and I talked about how next year we would love to go back… just the two of us, for a date night!   REALLY fun concept and Logan felt right at home as it brought out ALL the authentic Frenchies that live in Dallas.  We look forward to trying again next year ;) In the meantime… enjoy the few snaps we got of our Little Miss Frenchy in all her French glory - vespas and all!

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