Monday, July 13, 2015

What I want my life to look like in 10 years… (Or Sooner!)

What propels you? Is it a certain lifestyle? Financial goal? Business idea? 

For me, I have BIG dreams and plans for my little family.  I have no idea if they will ever come to fruition but I do know that Logan and I talk about them over wine after the kids go to sleep… or when we get our occasional date night.  Just daydreaming about them is a fun escape for us.  

In 10 years, we will live in the Austin Hill Country and we will run our own little Bed & Breakfast with a French barn made of stone, perfect for a wedding venue.  We will have vines on the property that we allow winemakers to use and harvest for their wine.  We will live on the property but not too close… Would love to be somewhat removed up a hill but walking distance so that we can be very hands on with the clients.  We will be the only French-inspired escape in the Texas Hill Country vs. the zillions of Texas Ranch themed places.  

We would also love to hire someone to take over our place for 1 month out of every summer as we take our kids to France to spend 1/2 of their summer.  We want them to be not only bilingual, but bicultural. We also want them to know their French family WELL and to get to travel and explore Europe. They have dual-citizenship after all! France has so much to offer from big city Paris, to the rich history and castles in the Loire Valley, to the gorgeous blue coast!  

When I get tired of the day-to-day grind… I sit back, daydream, and get reenergized about making this daydream a reality someday. I am not sure HOW it is going to unfold, but I feel like the Lord has given us this inspiration and desire and He is more than capable of working out the details! 

*All images found via Pinterest. 

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