Thursday, December 8, 2016

My Holiday Gift Guides: For HER. For HIM. For THEM.

I LOVE gift giving. I know it sounds cheesy but at Christmas I really do get more joy out of watching people OPEN their gifts, than receiving them.  This year I thought I would put together some of my favorite gifts for HER, HIM and THEM.  I hope you get some good ideas!

1. Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker // Guys I bought this for myself this year and my husband has basically stolen it. He takes it in with him while he showers,  does the dishes and bathes the name a few.  It is compact and comes in a variety of colors! (I chose the Mint because... duh! But the black may be a bit more manly.) 
2.  Yeti Stainless Steel Tumbler// This is my husband's newest obsession.  It will keep your coffee hot and ice in tact for HOURS.  Example: Go to church, return to your car, and your coffee is STILL hot! We've done it. 
3. Ugg Men's Slippers// This year Ugg released these cute slippers for MEN! If your man is anything like mine, he walks in the door and immediately go put on sweats and comfy clothes. These are perfect for lounging around the house and taking the trash out early in the morning. 
4.  New Balance Men's Sneakers // I have always loved New Balance shoes and I have to admit, these look really cute under guys jeans. Logan wears his all the time but I love all the new color schemes they come out with each season. 
5. Roku Express // You need this guys.  It is the same concept as Apple TV but a heck of a lot cheaper! If you have multiple TVs in your house, this is a great way to stream all your shows in every room of the house! 

1. Instant Pot // THE GIFT of the year! This is a pressure cooker that basically does an 8 hour crockpot job in under 20 minutes! INSANE and awesome! Definitely on my list. :) 
2. Lash Boost // Guys. TRUST ME.  This is a must-have product for your wife that will have her eyelashes looking fuller, darker, AND longer. Say no to fake lashes! These are ALL natural. 
3. Kendra Scott Gold Earrings // I bought these earlier this year and they go with EVERYTHING. They retail at a very reasonable price and have the BRAND Name that will make your wife smile. 
4.  The Magnolia Story // If you are anything like us, you love the show Fixer Upper. I also happen to love to read, so I have added this book to my wish list! 
5. Volcano Holiday Candle // These big candles are always a splurge but they smell amazing (like an Anthropologie store) and will last months. I love that they have them in holiday red and green this year!

1. Noodle & Boo Lotion // I bought this at Neimans back in the day and I still lather my baby in it.  It is by far the BEST SMELLING lotion for your kids on the market. Great baby shower gift as well. 
2. Kidkraft Kitchen // We got this for our girls last year and although it took forever to put it together, it was a HIT! My girls play with it all the time and it comes in a ton of different colors.  I went back and forth between the pink and the turquoise! 
3. Fire Kids Edition Tablet // We are getting this for Stella this year... shhh! It is cheaper than an iPad and comes with a 2 year warranty in the "off" chance your kiddo breaks it ;) No more shows on my phone taking up a ton of memory. 
4. Floral Headphones // You will need headphones to go along with your tablets and these are just precious and so adorable.  The ear buds don't stay in Stella's ears, so I think these will work much better and she will look super cute. 
5. Kidkraft Teepee //  This was our Christmas gift 2 years ago and it is still standing! We LOVE our teepee and we have been able to wash it several times so it still looks like new. I love all the color combos that KidKraft has for these. 

I hope this was helpful in giving you some ideas for your Christmas shopping! I am partial to Amazon because... #FREESHIPPING and #NOMALLSWITHCHILDREN 

Ha! Hope you are having a wonderful December so far! 

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