Monday, September 21, 2009

The Honeymoon Plans!!!

Who invented honeymoons? God bless them!!! We booked ours last week! :)

After raving reviews about The Royal in Playa del Carmen from a coworker of mine, we decided to go for it!

How did we decide on Mexico you may ask? Well considering we will be leaving on Halloween- we figured why not partake in Dia de los Muertos??? Its a week of celebration and festivals all over Mexico. It takes place on Nov 1st and 2nd, so there should be lots of "culture" while we are there :)

We ALSO received a free swim with the dolophins in our package- now I am TERRIFIED of animals- I even have a hard time snorkeling, so the idea of riding on a big fish (even though I acknowlege its a mammal) is horrifying. HOWEVER, I am a daredevil and would love to experience it 1x in my life. We are going to make sure it is on video, no worries! ;) Think Jessica Simpson on Newlyweds, but maybe worse!

Don't be suprised if after the all inclusive week, couples massage, and private dinner on the beach for 2, that we sign up to become a maid and a waiter to help prolong the honeymoon and extend our stay!
Can you believe we are about to dip into October... wow, time flies!!!

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