Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Its around the corner!

AHHHHHHHHHHH so many fun things.

#1 We got our very first wedding gift- Logan felt like we should label it for photographic evidence. Congrats David Arveson- you and your family are the lucky features and we LOVE the wooden C&B tray!!! Who knew I would get so excited about a tray? haha

#2 We had our wine tasting last night at Delaney to pick out the beverages for the big DAY! It was so much fun- we also figured out table placements, dance floor, sign in table, etc. When we left it was the most gorgeous sunset- pretty surreal thinking the next time I am at Delaney I will be arriving at my OWN wedding reception!!! AHHH chills :)

#3 I have my first 2 showers THIS weekend!!! Fun posts next week! I have my Mother/ Daughter Bridal Shower at 4510 (never been, but stoked!!) and my Lake Highlands Couples Shower!

PS Can you spot Wedding Girl? :) She's still around!

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