Monday, December 21, 2009

Logan is 26!

So since Christmas is around the corner and Logan will get lots of "things" I thought it would be fun to just go do something fun for his birthday. Saturday afternoon I told him we actually had to go pick up his present and I gave him an address... so when we pulled up to the NYLO hotel he was shocked and so surprised!!! I had already packed his bags, his gift, and a bottle of champagne in the back seat! The only thing wrong with this place is that it doesn't belong in Plano, it belongs in Downtown Dallas or NYC!!! It was awesome... very modern-loft feel with a ton of original artwork from local Dallas artists... check out some pics below :)

This right here was our awesome room! No overhead lighting, just lamps!

After we checked in, we got dressed and ready for dinner at Jaspers which is at the Shops at Legacy which was amazinggggggggg! We dropped more bones on dinner than we did on the hotel room haha but it was worth it! Plus, it was less than 3 minutes away from our hotel so that was a plus! We walked around b/c it was all lit up with Christmas lights and really romantic! My recommendation for Jaspers- well the steaks are unreal, thats a given... but the CALAMARI was to die for!!! So next time you go there, just keep that in mind!

After dinner we ran down to the Angelika to see "Up in the Air" and both left disappointed... Logan didn't like the message and I didn't like the ending... Wah wahhhhhh... But overall, it was a successful "mini" vacation ...

Can you believe its Christmas this week??? We are going to have a very different one this year (first time EVER to not be in Abilene on Christmas Eve) and change is sometimes hard... but we still do have lots to celebrate and sometimes making new traditions can be fun...but boy will I miss my G-daddy! However, he gets to celebrate WITH the birthday boy... I am sure that kicks every Christmas celebration down here on Earth's butt!

Merry Christmas everyone! God bless you, your families, and your 2010!

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