Thursday, December 31, 2009

A White Christmas

It has only snowed on Christmas 6x in the past 111 years in Dallas, Texas!!! My mom likes to think that Nannie and G-daddy asked for it on our behalf to make this Christmas (as hard as it was) magical... Until last year when I was in France, I have never in my entire life had a Christmas Eve in Dallas... we always go to Abilene, so this year was extremely different and bittersweet at times. We did the 4pm Watermark service before the blizzard like weather! I was dumb and wore a cute dress and light leather jacket- neither of which were warm... even the Watermark Greeter said she didn't know how I was going to make it to the car without freezing haha!

We then came back and had homemade sangria punch, fresh cookies, and a HUGE meal! So huge that I took a 30 minute power nap while the rest of the clan went and did the 12 Days of Christmas... When they got back we opened gifts, had dessert, and started to watch The Holiday but fell asleep 15 minutes in...

The next morning, Logan and I woke up to WHITE!!!!!!! We went over to my mom's after our own little gift exchange at the townhome and did stockings and had breakfast. I wore my new FAVORITE gift (my comfy sweatshirt dress and leggings from Ann Taylor Loft... I have worn it every single day except 1 that I can recall since I got it!!!)

My camera battery died right after the above pic so I will have to add in pics from my Dad's later... we headed over to Coppell in the ice and I must admit it was nice not to have to drive 3.5 hours on Christmas day from Abilene... so that was a plus! We got to open gifts all morning and Logan almost peed himself b/c my Dad and Kelley got us a sound system for our new TV!!! So fun and unexpected! Then we did a huge lunch, took Caleb to the airport to go to France (he got on First Class poor thing... ha!) and did more presents.... Then we did a late night movie- Sherlock Holmes which I LOVED despite sitting on the edge of the 3rd row from the front and straining my neck for 2 hours...

On the 26th we headed to Abilene for Christmas with my aunt, uncle, and cousins... had a ton of fun visiting with them although it was kind of sad at the same time. We saw Its Complicated which I LOVED and brought us all comic relief!

Movies left to see: Nine, Avatar (3D), Brothers... will try to find time this weekend! Can't wait for Lovely Bones either but I want to read the book first!

2009 was a HUGE YEAR for me... I cannot believe NYE 2010 is tonight! Headed to funky town with my college besties... I'm sure I will take tons of pics :) Literally ALL of the Dream Team is married now... crazy what a year can do!

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