Friday, January 22, 2010

My Life via Tweets

So in trying to re-cap January I ran into a bit of a problem... I lost my camera charger (remember at CHRISTMAS...) Therefore, I had to get creative on how to document what has been a refreshingly low key month!

I did it... I joined Twitter... BUT in my defense, it was for social media research for Fossil...but as I got on it daily and watched people update their status, I figured, why not partake in this, it could be fun? Sure enough, I got sucked in... Now I am not saying anyone is even interested in what I am doing on an almost daily basis, but its still fun to participate and be in the loop on, you know... what Morgan Stallings is doing oh yeah, and Ashton Kutcher ;) haha!

Anywhoo... good news! I found a camera charger so February should be way more interesting...but I will update you all on my January via low quaity iphone tweets :)

#1 Starting with... holy COLD JANUARY... however, I am now writing this on January 22nd and its supposed to be 70 degrees this afternoon...which is precisely why I leave some short sleeved shirts in my closet when I do the summer to fall/winter closet flip! (only in Texas) Luckily this was a short lived cold week!

#2 No, at this point we hadnt taken down the Christmas decor, but we have now... Okay onto to the point of this tweet, we have started cooking more... Logan got some amazing steaks (some famous brand I always forget) for a Christmas present and we have gotten real creative in cooking these suckers stove top since we dont have a grill, nor is it allowed in our complex! AND yes, we do have a dining room table, we just prefer the coffee table/ movie approach!

#3... Ahhh the wonderful Sunday ER visit and $200 copay... I was at Brenda's lakehouse, had severe chest pain, came home and went to the ER. Backstory: I had been to the doc the week before and he told me it was anxiety... I was like, I would have believed you 4 months ago during wedding planning but I am NOT stressed out right now... he told me to excercise... I found that offensive... No I dont exercise very often (although I should) but that is hardly a diagnosis... fast forward 4 days and I am in the ER and diagnosed with pleurisy... yes, usually old people get it but I apparently get random things sometimes... So after many chest x-rays and a horrible upper GI experience, we figured out I had inflammation on my lung lining. RANDOM??? Yes, but I am better now. Want to know what I wasn't ALLOWED to do while I had pleurisy? That would be EXCERCISE... so boo yah, doc!

#4 Instead of excersise to reduce stress, the Misegades prefer a relaxing evening with a bottle of wine. We opened up the wine from the Frenchies (part of their wedding present to us) and rented a Parisian movie... I thought I would be able to watch it w/o subtitles but I was horribly wrong... We had to start it over 15 minutes in b/c I got so frustrated ha!

#5 Yes we saw Avatar in 3D... no other way to see it!!! I LOVED IT!!! I know this may sound weird but I hope that heaven has some elements of Pandora someday... I loved it! Who would have thought I would get into an alien movie and much less be rooting for them and against humans??? The love story had me...

#6 With all the I Heart Yogurt, Orange Cup, etc FAD popping up all over Dallas, I was so excited that the ORIGINAL trendsetter, Pinkberry moved into our neighborhood... although all of these places are delicious :)

#7 We have finally stopped hibernating as newlyweds, decorated our place, and started inviting people over for dinner... It has been SO much fun using our new dishes, placemats, bowls, pans, serving trays, etc. Before this month they were just sitting in boxes in our closet... its nice to finally put them to good use!

So thats been January via my tweets...

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