Monday, March 15, 2010

March Madness... not the basketball kind ;)

Hello peeps!

Sorry its been awhile... lots going on and lots on my mind! NO, I still haven't figured out my calling if you were wondering although I ponder about it a ton... haha!

March has been great... I am LOVING the weather we have had the past week and although I hate it being so dark when I wake up in the morning, I love the fact that it is light outside until 8pm!

What have we been up to?
Well Broms came in town last weekend and I had not seen her since the WEDDING!!! Bear is on leave right now so she came to visit and we had so much fun catching up and being girls... Logan was sweet and got up and cooked us crepes on Saturday morning which were very yummy!

I attended my first 1 year old birthday party for cute Hudson Ratliff- how on Earth is he already 1 !?!?! Time flies! And he gets cuter every time I see him...

Then last week the in-laws were in town from FRANCE so we got some great quality time with them starting on Thursday night when I cooked dinner for the parents (no pressure). We had salad, pot roast, bread, and slice & bakes... hey, so what... I took the easy way out for dessert ;) We had so much fun catching up with them!

The reason they were in town was for Grandpa Moose's wedding which is quite impressive seeing as he is 91 years old! It was held on Saturday with the most perfect weather at Lakewood Country Club... Logans Dad & Uncle did the ceremony and it was really nice. First time for everything, right? I was asked by one of the family friends what I thought about "all of this..." and I had a brain fart and blurted out... "Well, its the OLDEST wedding I have ever attended...." Mind you- the man I said this to was easily in his mid-to-upper 80s! :) Always on my best behavior... wow! Hopefully he was hard of hearing!

We spent yesterday celebrating Maman Misegades 60th birthday!!! Will, Erin, Seth, and TBD Baby were in town for the festivities as well as Caleb! Sheri has quite a few surprises ahead of her but in case anyone who could spoil this reads my blog... I shall disclose the surprises AFTER they happen...but she is going to have a GREAT 60th, I will put it that way :)

Caleb left early for a 22 hour road trip to San Diego and I almost just hopped in the car with him... Geez, I really do miss Spring Break and its honestly kind of hard to read/ hear about everyone's Spring Breaks... they call those "vacation days" at Fossil and I have ZERO after the honeymoon... not that I am complaining, but I kind of am...

My sis did a road trip to Daytona, Florida and it was 21 hours... the long road trips must be a rite of passage for college students... the furthest we went was Gulf Shores and it rained the entire week when we got there... I would rather forget that trip for many reasons!

Anywhoo... stay tuned, we may have some updates here pretty soon... NO BABY, don't spread rumors... :)

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  1. YES baby!!! Please? We missed you at bunco. You have to come next time... it seriously is SO fun! (Maybe not as fun as an 80 year old's wedding... but still- FUN.) :) Love ya.



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