Friday, May 7, 2010

Creative Juices flowing again....

For awhile now, I have really missed my hobby...writing and crafting... No time and no inspiration... I started scrapbooking in junior high school and have kept a diary/ journal since elementary school. Especially during hardships in my life... music and journaling ARE my therapy...but I want to write about the great times and new adventures I have as well... I don't want all sad/ depressing journals, I need joyful uplifting ones as well!

As you know my art journal class started up on April 24th and we get a post/ prompt inspiration every day exploring NEW art journaling techniques. This combines journaling, scrapbooking, and art (the art part is out of my comfort zone but has been great to try!)

I thought I would share some of my pages... I am doing this with my friend Taylor (who has the same appreciation/ void that I need to fill). We get a bottle of wine and make a chaotic mess every week, but we LOVE it!!! Everywhere I look now, I try to think of paper scraps or magazines or something I could repurpose for a journal page- so I have awakened the creative spirit in me once again! Its about time... I have missed her :)

Day 1- Intro Page

I know you guys saw this already but the idea behind this one was just to give a mini biography, record what you were doing at that exact moment in time, combine paint and scrapbooking techniques with lots of layers.

Day 2- A New Season

This one is my least favorite page ( I was really not used to doodling + journaling and I am also a big COLOR girl... unless its black and :) those are charming!)
This page was supposed to be about where you are at in life...what are you working toward, what are your goals, what do you hope this new season of your life brings?

Day 3- Today Felt...

This prompt came on the most perfect week b/c I started my new job and was able to express that... I also loved the tissue paper/ modge podge technique... I think I will be using that in the future... had tons of leftover tissue paper from my bday so I am going to hold onto that!

Day 4- I Want More than ANYTHING...

This was pretty obvious for me... I have recently really been struggling with fear... specifically in losing loved ones (especially tragically through diseases such as cancer) I cannot truly LIVE if I am living in fear all the time... as Beth Moore states (well paraphrase)- she said think of the WORST thing in the world that could possibly happen to you... MOST LIKELY, it wont. Do you really want to waste your life away and be 90 years old and realize it never happened, so you didn't have to live in fear and worry about that your entire life? What a waste of time and energy! Also- it was fun to combine fabric and try PAINTING my words...harder than it looks!

Day 5- Three Wishes

This was a very basic page but those lines were harden to draw than you'd think! We had to pick a shape... I did a star b/c of the whole "When you wish upon a star..." and cut it out and hold it steady as we drew lines jetting out from around it...harder than it looks b/c as you can see, we weren't supposed to outline the actual shape... the lines around it were supposed to outline it :)
My 3 Wishes

1. Run a vineyard... Have you seen "A Good Year"...that is what I want my life to be like. the end.

2. Skydive...been saying that since high school, I just need to do it!

3. Live in France...which I think will honestly happen someday... should have added in there "Speak fluent French by pushing a magic button" b/c I have been dragging my feet on learning the language!
Day 6- Deep Down...

This prompt was by far the most personal. I got to use one of my cute Canton treasures for the top... I love 3 dimensional pages...they add a lot of interest :) Anywhoo...this one was just asking you to describe who you are deep down...your flaws, your strengths, etc. It was a fun one to reflect on.
Hope you guys have enjoyed my first week of pages... many more to come! I will try to do a weekly journal post to show my progress :)
Up this weekend: hunt for the perfect duplex...

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