Monday, May 17, 2010

Katy Graduates

27 family members... that is a record! I think that is more relatives than I get to see on an average Christmas holiday!

The day of graduation was really fun! We all had On the Border at Katy's house... aka "The Pink Door" due to their hot pink front door... and hung out on the porch and relaxed for awhile then headed over to the graduation. Afterwards we came back, opened gifts, and went to Rudy's for some BBQ. I had everyone write cute notes on various pieces of colorful paper and took a zillion pictures, then proceeded to put together a scrapbook for her. It turned out really cute- she told me it was something she would LOVE to have but would never do for herself so she was glad I did it for her... I even added in some cute bonus pages about her first apartment, first classroom, first job, summer plans and goals, and current favorite things! (My Art Journal class helped me come up with these so that was a bonus!)

Speaking of BONUS: Katy got a verbal offer for a 9th/10th grade Spanish teaching position at Shepton literally the day before graduation... in this kind of economy. It was a huge blessing that she found a job so quickly + another reason to celebrate! I am excited to have her back in the metroplex after 8 years of being in different cities!

The past 4 years really have flown by fast... I cannot believe Katy has already finished college...making me feel very very old!

Coming up:

The Misegades take on VEGAS!!!!!!!
The Misegades move to LAKEWOOD :) :) :)

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