Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Outlet

Yes it is Art Journaling... last week I was feeling VERY inspired and crafty so I made some huge progress on my class :) I have even invested in a Polaroid CAMERA!!! Anyone know where to get more film?

The idea was to use magazine pages and cut them up to make something cool... I did this technique with places I want to travel since the ad was a bunch of cute stacked up suitcases!
This prompt was just "A Closer Look" at someone in your life... I chose my G-daddy b/c I have been missing him and thinking of him and our last day together a LOT lately... sometimes I forget he is gone... I used an old wedding program and drew arrows connecting him and my Nannie and then in the bottom right hand corner, I used a wedding card envelope that says "A Gift for You" b/c him being there was a gift for me, the best kind!

The prompt was what is your safe place? I actually do all of my reading and journaling in my room on my bed usually... I took a polaroid of my ipod, journal, coffee cup, and a magazine! (PS That is a Macy's ad and I flipping love that bedroom... I want everything in it!)
This was supposed to be simple and to the point... Forever & Ever in your life... I used one of the very first pictures Logan and I took after we started dating... I am more in love with him now than before if you can believe it?!?! The top design believe it or not was from a touch sink ad... haha get it? "It all began with a touch..." haha I think I just killed the romance for you guys... but it looks pretty :)

This page was a fun challenge b/c they asked us to use a lot of different mediums to layer... I used lined paper, a doily, and the inside of a security envelope + my old Fossil business card! They wanted us to NOTE the great things going for us in our life right now. The top polaroid is of our wedding cake toppers painted to look like us :) It reminds me how lucky I am to have someone who loves me unconditionally!

The next page we used labels to create "steps" we want to take towards a certain goal.. our goal this year is to get out of debt! (from the wedding, etc.)

"My thoughts are full of..." I used a magazine ad and painted with white paint a "thought bubble" and used a sharpie to write down my thoughts!

Prompt was "I Need More"... I used the AMAZING bday wrapping paper I got from my AJ buddy Taylor. You were also supposed to throw in your current playlist just for fun!

Dream List- using lots of patterned scrapbook paper!
Using an ad that depicts a certain emotion "Thoughts on being..." and writing about it in the ad's "white space"...had a ton of fun with this one!
Hope you guys enjoy them! I am loving this class... its truly meeting the creative void that was in my life! Logan plays guitar, we light a candle, and he sings and I "AJ"... I think its my new favorite way to spend an evening... well and then CSI Miami :)

(Vegas post to come...gotta sift through all the pics!)


  1. i love your ART journal... its inspiring. PS i bought that macy's bedding a month ago and I love it!

  2. THANKS Melissa!!! :) OMG I may have to copy you and get it... we are about to move and gain a guest bedroom... so I am tempted!

  3. Abby!! You are INSPIRING me!! Seriously! Now, if only I can find time... :) Can you inspire me with that too? How do I get the time girl?!



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