Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Vegas

So it would truly take an hour to tell this entire tale, but we finally arrived in Vegas after missing 1,2,3, 4 yes FOUR flights on standby... we were at the airport from 5-11:30pm on Friday night, got home a little after midnight, got up at 5am, went back to DFW, and LUCKILY got on the 7:15am flight out the next morning... Not too swell for my first standby experience, but I must admit that it is a big rush when you finally get on! AND everyone around us paid $600 round trip PER TICKET so we will take FREE vs. $1200 any day! Even if it means almost sleeping at the airport...quite literally!

I am kicking myself that we didnt take pics w/ Josh and Christine but I have zillions of their adorable kids/ my neice and nephew Harper and Griffin... it was SO fun getting to know them better and Logan was quite the human jungle gym.

Favorite Moment w/ Harper: "Aunt Abby... can we go outside JUST US and have some girl time?"
Our convo centered around this : "I have 2 boyfriends and I dont want to break either one of their hearts so I am going to keep both." hahaha loved it!

Favorite Moment w/ Griffin:
Chris "Griffin sing a song for Aunt Abby."
"Okay, Flackel Flatts.... (Rascall Flatts) 'Life is a highway, I gunno ride it all night long...'"
Christine- "What about the new Justin Beiber Song Griff?"
Griffin- "Baby Baby Baby OOOOHHHHH Baby Baby Baby OHHHHHhh (repeat 10x)" hahahah love love loved it!

That night Josh scored us 3rd row seats to his Cirque de Soleil show KA.... Oh my goodness I have seen a cirque show from the nosebleeds and there is nothing like 3rd row, feeling the heat from the fire, seeing the front row expressions of the characters, and to top it off... Josh had the main character scream "ABBYYYYYYYY" at the beginning of the show... I had no idea and didn't really want to flatter myself that it was intended for me...but, it was :) We had also met several of the performers earlier that day and they waved to us personally during bows.

We ate at the sushi bar at TAO that night... it was AMAZING... I think I am part Asian b/c I could eat that food every single meal of the day. We then were quite lame and picked up Josh from work and went home and crashed... after an exhausting long 48 hours!

Sunday night we decided to splurge and stay at THIS amazing hotel!!! THE MIRAGE! We found a great last minute deal on and it was so nice and fun! That night we took Josh and Chris out to dinner to thank them for hosting us/ Christine's bday was last Wednesday- it was a great local wine bar and we had a lot of fun catching up with them and swapping stories!

Monday was our last day and we had several things on the agenda.

1. Go to New York New York hotel and DOMINATE the roller coaster... you will see it on the 2nd starts inside the hotel and rides was fun!

2. I wanted to walk through all the hotels on the strip... my favorite of course, the Bellagio garden that was spring themed... even the flying butterflies and bumble bees were made of flowers it was so cool! This pic doesnt do it justice!

This is at the Mirage

3. Eat a fancy lunch at the Paris and pretend like we moved to France :) It was lovely!

4. I wanted to gamble $5 on the SATC slot machine for the sheer fact that it was cute. I did and sure enough, I won $175 right off the bat! I cashed it in and we no longer felt guilty for all the $$$ meals we ate :)

On our flight back home we were hoping we would hop on considering I am still the "new girl" at work and dont have vacation to spare and Logan didn't want to get written up / fired. SURE ENOUGH our luck changed, we not only got on the 1st flight, but got upgraded to 1st Class complete with complimentary beverages, a meal, heated nuts, and warm rags... I feel like our luck changed in 3 days for the better! We had a BALL!

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