Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The June that disappeared!

How is June almost over?!?!? Why is time flying by so fast?!?!? SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!

What have we been up to this month? Well, what HAVEN'T we been up to.

Duh, we moved. We LOVE our place so so much and I wish it was mine to keep forever. I will post a few pics of our place in progress and the rest once we make a few final furniture purchases...waiting for all the 4th of July sales!! :) HW party to come later this summer.

we had AMAZING trooper friends who helped move us all day in the HEAT!!!

The cute guest bedroom/ my crafting space :) hooray!!! And yes, Monica the mannequin is back... you may think I am weird, but I got her at Harold's after my catalog internship and my mom painted her to match my bedspread... haha so she is back in action!

See that pile of clothes? Well I had to get rid of like 50% of it...it was good for me... a cleanse of sorts... plus, I cant wear all these cute casual clothes anymore at the new job and Lord knows there is ZERO closet space in these houses... did people back then just not have clothes???

Um our kitchen is precious...if I do say so myself :)

Last weekend we went to Abilene for an Estate/ Garage sale at my Grandparents house... gosh it was really long and hot but also really emotional being in that house without my Gdaddy. I love that Logan always brings with him a sense of humor to everything... want to know how we got through it? Tequila shots... well, for mom and Logan.. I do not do tequila! He can always calm a room, I love that about him!

Come to find out, my grandma was quite the fashionista in the 70s... we found a ton of headscarves, old bathing suits, and dare I say... lingerie!??!? Nannie!!! haha :)

Some of the treasures we took home... a few awesome legit trucker hats... no wannabe's from stores like Journeys. A vintage thermos and a cute "snack set".... my mom said Nannie would bring those yellow plates and glasses into her room to serve snacks...there is even a ridge in the plates to set the cups... like a mini cup holder, so cute!

Work is awesome but INSANELY busy right now... however, I did have my first 30/30 sale last week and bought 2 items...both for Logan! New cologne and TOMS shoes that are adorable and preppy!

This weekend my best friend Alexis gets MARRIED!!! Been running around getting stuff organized for her bridal luncheon on Friday, last minute errands- aka still didn't have shoes as of yesterday...shh don't tell the bride!

So this weekend should be so much fun... I will be living in Fort Worth at the Hilton until Sunday... not too shabby except they dont have a pool... come ON...even Holiday Inns have a pool... we don't get it.

Ah yes and my last discovery was yesterday... PRETZEL M&Ms.... oh my goodness they are fantastic and my new favorites... Sad to say bye to my staple peanut M&Ms but this is like all my favorite parts of trail mix in 1 bite!

Hope everyone has a great week/ weekend... see you in JULY!

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