Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding

This weekend was so special... my best friend got married to the most wonderful guy in the world! (Next to my Frenchman of course!)

We have literally walked through life together...
- Both born the same week in April in 1984
- Both did competitive gymnastics growing up
- Both went to Lake Highlands
- Both went to Texas A&M despite making it into T.U. :)
- Both got engaged literally within 1 month of each other!

We have done everything if I can just talk them into holding off on the babies for a few years, we will be set :)

Here is a recap of some of her fun wedding festivities!!!

Starting off was her Bachelorette Party... we went to Maria Maria (Carlos Santana's restaurant in Austin) and then went out dancing on 6th Street!

The next morning we woke up and drove to Lake LBJ and stayed there all weekend for Memorial was so nice and relaxing! Check out the adorable cowgirl hat Leslie made for Alexis! It had ribbons (kind of like a homecoming mum) off the back - one had to do with San Fran, one with wedding, one with Texas, etc. It was so cute!

We had a little craft project later that day where we all got together and decorated our own koozies! Mine said Mrs. Frenchy!

This is one of Alexis' showers at Bistro Louise in Fort Worth!

Somehow all the gals ended up coordinating... definitely not planned!

Here is the amazing Bridal Luncheon at Ellerbe Fine Foods in Fort Worth... my mom did a knock out job of decorating and the place was UNREAL...the decor, the food, the classy and so Alexis! We had a great time hosting it :)

The PERFECT hostess gift... honestly, how cute is that?!?!

The Evans gals with our adopted sister :)

The whole gang of pretty girls!

The Rehearsal Dinner was the coolest one I have ever been La Puertita (the chapel at Joe T Garcias) was the perfect location and ambience... and look how adorably in love these 2 are ... ahh i love them together!!!

My handsome groom :) HE is so hot!!!
My other half!
GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!! I took this RIGHT when we woke up the day of the wedding!!!
Beautiful sisters after hair and makeup! Who would have known Leslie is in her 2nd trimester... she is a knockout!!!
This captures how Alexis was all day... bouncy, giggly, ecstatic ALL DAY LONG! She was honestly adorable at the front of the church...just bouncing up and down, gazing at Charlie, making him laugh, whispering in his ear, leaning on his shoulder... it was evident how much they loved each other and I couldnt be happier for my bestie!
Us at the reception... how AMAZING are the necklaces that Alexis got us??? they are from Urban and I will sport mine as often as I can make it match ;)

The beautiful cake!
Charlie surprised Alexis w/ their first song and it was Citizen Cope "Sideways"-- which is awesome b/c when we woke up I asked Alexis what Pandora station she wanted to listen to on her wedding day...she said Citizen Cope... perfect! They left in a vintage PINK cadillac but I was too concerned w/ getting sparklers lit in time that I didn't get a picture... and off they went to their mini-moon in CARMEL... ahh dreamy! They plan on taking a BIGGER honeymoon next summer to GREECE- not too shabby!
I couldnt be happier for these 2...they are moving back to TEXAS in 6 weeks and I am THRILLED!!!! Logan and I are trying to squeeze 1 more SF/ Napa trip in before they come back...we will see if we can work that out!
Congrats CUNNINGHAMS!!!!

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