Friday, June 11, 2010


Our new home is in Lakewood on Goliad Ave and we move tomorrow... I should be packing right now, but clearly I am stalling...

Here is the front of our new place :) We are renting the bottom floor and our front door is on the right under the cute patio!

We paid to have someone paint our new place and we are SO HAPPY with how it turned out... we have the U Haul at 9am tomorrow so I thought I would capture & describe a few of my favorite parts w/o any furniture to distract you.

I love the curved archways and the colors we chose! They tie in the fireplace perfectly! The bedrooms are a butterish neutral yellow and the kitchen has pretty green cabinets... I am a gal who loves color :)

Behind there is our cute laundry room but I love the various charming elements our house has... love the exposed brick wall!

You cant tell but our cabinets are green bead board which I love!

Now my pics are going to start looking weird b/c I bought yet another iphone app called Hipstamatic and it just makes everything look cool...u can literally have hundreds of effects OR you can shake it and it will pick one at random which is what I like to do... anywayyyyy, continuing on!

I love all the natural light from the numerous windows and I love that we have ROOMS...right now our kitchen/living/dining is one long rectangle! What an upgrade:)

I am in love with our breakfast nook... the previous owner left the stained glass lamp for me b/c I was in love with it... then behind that we have 2 built in bookshelves which I love!

This is an amazing small stained glass bar.... we are going to put our wine/ margarita/ champagne glasses in there!

I love the fireplace... the mosiac tile pattern in my favorite! It served as the inspiration for our paint colors!

The bathroom has a very vintage feel that I love ...its tiny white and blue tile!

So there you go... a mini sneak peek at our place... I will post more naturally when its all decorated :)

Last night we took a break from packing and went to Simply Fondue which is walking distance from our new place... the Groupon came out on Wed and we got $104 FOUR course meal+vino for $60!!! It was such a fun night.

I have such a HOT hubby!

Now off to pack...Cant wait to have everyone over to visit!
xo Abs

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