Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy One Year!!! xo, mrs. frenchy

one year. so much can change in a year.

I met him, 1 year later we were engaged, 5 months later married... and now our 1 year wedding anniversary! The whole wedding seems like a dream- did it really happen? Did that one day change our lives forever? Um, Yes!!! It went by so fast, and at times the stress got in the way of really savoring the process and special moments... but I look back at our pictures often and was a perfect day.

It started off with me crying b/c I didn't get enough sleep + ugly, rainy weather and you calmed me down at 7am hoping to God that I wasn't getting cold feet haha.... by 10am and a few mimosas in, I was bouncing around and the blue skies were out...not a care in the world even when my wedding shoes went missing and showed up quite literaly 30 seconds before I walked down the aisle. I LOVED our wedding ceremomy- I love how meaningful it was to us- I love that we incorporated French into the ceremony and that the ending prayer was the same prayer your mom wrote when your parents were married almost 40 years ago... Oh that we would be so lucky to have that many happy years together. I loved our reception and how that barrel room was so... US. The night was romantic and whimsical- great food + wine- and just an overall FUN evening of dancing and hanging out with our top 250 favorite people on this planet. I loved our Notebook-worthly getaway car and spending a week without cell phones, Facebook, or To Do lists in paradise with my favorite Frenchman in the world.

Logan- thank you for being you. I love that you sing in the shower or on my voicemails or to be cheesey around the house (and not songs typically... you sing sentences like you are talking but its a song) I love the way you laugh at the TV when you think something is hilarious... its a laugh I often make fun of, but its endearing and unlike your normal laugh. I love that when you watch the Rangers you have to have seeds to chew the entire game. I love how when you get home every day you check the mail and come find me to give me a big bear hug and tell me (almost daily) that you like my outfit and I look pretty...and if you dont, I usually give you the look until you figure it out ;) I love that after I cook you always do the dishes, even if it takes a few days. I love that you have stepped up to the plate to take care of our finances and be a leader in that way. I love that you love me unconditionally - during my mood swings, bad days, and pouty days. I love that you are such a good and loyal friend and would do anything for anyone that needed help- no matter what. I love that we have found a church that has changed us for the better each week we go... I love you to the moon and back for picking me to be your bride. You are my best friend.

Here's to MANY happy years ahead. Happy Anniversary.
Je t'aimerai pour toujours.

Now lets go explore BOSTON!

xo, mrs. frenchy

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