Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Au Revior Texas, Howdy France!

The time is finally here!!! We are moving TODAY!

After 2 weeks of stress, anxiety, and tears it is time to board the plane that will change my life.  This whole goodbye process has been a lot tougher than I imagined, but Logan has been a huge support and I feel very blessed that I will have him and his family by my side during this transition.  I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us over the next couple of years.

Things we have accomplished in 2 weeks:
  • Selling our 2 cars in 4 days on Craiglist! 
  • Purchasing a year's supply of contacts 
  • Moving Leslie Mayemba (a close family friend) into Baylor for her Fall study abroad program
  • Getting a power of attorney set up to do our wire transfers while we are abroad
  • Closing out credit cards, insurance, and cell phones (I am going to miss my number! I have had it since I was 16.... ) 
  • Purchased a new Mac Book & iPod touch 
  • Purged about 40% of my clothes
  • Fit our life into 6 suitcases more or less (Hey visitors- we will be sending you with an extra duffle bag in exchange for a really cute chalet in Central France!) :) 
  • Purchased plug adaptors and stocked up on basics that we need - deodorant, contact solution, etc.
  • Went through ALL of my childhood keepsakes to figure out what to keep and what to throw out
  • Put everything we wanted to come home to, in STORAGE (furniture, wedding gifts, appliances, etc.) 
  • 2 goodbye parties and more than I can count Happy Hours, lunch dates, & dinner dates. 
Thanks to technology, we will be ALL OVER Facebook, Skype, and Twitter.

I am so ready to explore the unknown and share our adventure with you! 

A Bientot!
Mrs. Frenchy 


  1. can't wait to follow your journey via blog postings!!

  2. SO excited for you all! SO proud of how strong you have been and what an incredible support Logan has been for you. Talk to you tomorrow!
    XOXO, Mom

  3. And you are there safely and welcomed with open arms by the Misegades! So glad your adventure has finally begun! XOXO, Mom



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