Friday, September 2, 2011

5 :)

Happy LABOR DAY WEEKEND Everyone!!!! As you can guess, we do not celebrate that over here in France, but alas I will not complain. :) 

This week has been hectic - We have had clients on full pension which equals 3 meals per day, every day...which also means Sheri & I doing a lot of cooking and dishes! It's been fun though and I have learned a ton - in fact this morning, I learned how to make a quiche from scratch! Voila :) Earlier this week we visited Chateau Murol (will post pictures soon) and then on Wednesday we headed to Bordeaux b/c the Isaac kiddos had to get their passports renewed and that is where the American consulate in France is located.  We tagged along b/c Bordeaux also happens to be the closest IKEA location.  It was a long day, but we picked up some affordable apartment goodies and have been working on renovating our place ever since! Walls started popping up today and I am daydreaming about color schemes and quirky furniture I can use freshen up the place. My 5 smiles for today are all home inspiration.  Enjoy and have a great long weekend! 

1. I just inherited a cute antique chest of drawers made out of cedar... although Gigi (My grandmother-in-law) would be appalled, I may just have to paint it fire engine red!!! 

2. I want to do a chalkboard wall in our kitchen!!! One problem: Chalkboard paint hasn't made it over to France yet.   #Frenchgirlproblems

3. Um.... okay spoiler alert... This picture has made my decision final. Our kitchen will be turquoise and red. Its a done deal now. SWOOON!!!! 

4. Our place it very open with very little storage. This little cutie is practical AND chic! 


5.  Right now our kitchen has open white cabinets.  I am going to spice up the place by adding a colorful curtain over all the open areas.  I think it will breathe life into the space.  NOW to find the perfect print... Stay tuned. 


  1. LOVE the red/turquoise combo and adore the idea of painting the chest a bright color!!!

    Miss you tons!


  2. It is going to be fabulous! I was a little sad you decided NOT to paint a chalkboard wall bc I thought I would be able to fly over and deliver a quart in person...jk!

  3. i promise i will never give you decorating advice. i, do love what you are doing. hopefully; you are enjoying every single minute. seriously, who gets to live this dream? this is movie stuff!



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