Friday, October 21, 2011

5 :)

So this morning, we woke up to frost on the grass.  It was 24 degrees. WOW. It seems like France scales right past Fall and straight into (a Dallas) winter... This is JUST the beginning from what I hear... brrrr!!!

So what did we do today? We went to Tulle to go shopping for a warm jacket and some sweaters! When moving over here, we packed most of our summer and early fall attire and left behind the bulky jackets and sweaters in an effort to save space in our suitcases. Our master plan was that my Mom & Chris could bring the winter stuff over at Christmas. WELL it's going to get cold WAY before December 19th! haha (Good excuse for shopping right?)

So in honor of "Sweater Weather" here are 5 cutie knits I found on the web this week. 

1.  Topshop
3.  H&M  



GO RANGERS! Any of my Dallas folks going to the game??? 

mrs frenchy

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