Monday, May 28, 2012


I am SO thrilled (and proud) to announce that my best friend Katie had her baby last night!!! 

Libby Allison Schulze. Born 5/27/12. 6.14lbs at 8:46pm.

She is the main reason I am coming to Texas in 3 weeks.  It seems Libby was just too anxious to meet her parents and came 3 weeks early!  Mom and baby are doing well and let me just tell you, she is PRECIOUS!!! I was sent this pic from the Proud Papa early this morning (France time) and I welled up in tears. 

How did we get here? How did we go from college roommates, to married, to parents? We are growing up and its all going by so fast...  When I left in August, Katie wasn't even pregnant and the next time I see her she will be a MOM.  The reality of all this washed over me on my couch this morning and I just sat there crying... amazed, grateful, sad I wasn't there, but happy and bubbling with excitement all at the same time.   It doesn't feel like we have been away for that long, but for such a HUGE life change to have taken place it makes me realize how many months really have passed. Today I am really homesick and ready to be in my familiar Texas territory in a few short weeks.  I cannot wait to hold that little nugget and love on her and her Momma.  Katie has been such a consistent, encouraging, loyal friend over the the past 9 months and always goes out of her way to make me feel special.  I know she is going to make the most amazing Mom and Libby is lucky to have her (and John Paul!) 

Love you guys to the moon and back and can't imagine a more amazing family for Libby to be born into. She is one lucky (and BEAUTIFUL) little girl.  

See you soon little one! 
XO, Your French Aunt Abby 

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  1. Oh my goodness! Can't wait to meet little Libby, but more than that, can't wait for you to be home in 3 short weeks!! Sorry you are homesick today ~ I know it is hard to be away for BIG events like this. The countdown has begun... XOXO, Mom



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