Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Next 9 Days...

Tomorrow we will have another one of THESE... 
Then drive HERE...
Then on Wednesday, we will hop on this....
to celebrate HER :) 
images 2-5 found via

I will be back NEXT week with LOTS of stories, photos, updates, and PICTURES!!!! This will be the last time I see my family and friends before Stella makes her winter debut... So the goodbyes are going to be AWFUL next week :( BUT I am so grateful I get to go back at all. 

Please pray for our health (all 3 of us), safe travel, and that we are able to soak up every moment with family and friends and get everything done that we need to! 

PS: Logan felt little Stella KICK today! I must say... there is NO greater feeling in the world than knowing she is safe and sound in my tummy. What a miracle.  We are humbled and blessed. 


  1. yay!!!! so excited to see you this weekend!!!!!!

  2. Love the rebus story, Abs! Counting the travels! XOXO, Mom

  3. Soooo excited to see you and your adorable baby bump!!! Prayers for safe travels! love ya!



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