Monday, September 10, 2012

Jet Lag + A Move + Pregnancy

WOW.... What a week it has been! After we flew in to Paris on Friday, we still had a 5 hour drive ahead of us and we were exhausted.  My back was hurting really bad from sitting on our 10 hour flight and the 5+ hour car ride didn't appease anything. Logan had to pull over two times to take naps and I was in no condition to drive... It was a full on 24 hour travel time to get back HOME.  Phew! Glad it's behind us and glad I did not travel any later in my pregnancy! I am happy to say that we somehow made it home with ALL of Stella's baby shower gifts... How? I have no idea... I guess baby things are just really small :) 

On Saturday we started our move into Kristin and Nolan's log cabin... I will post a tour of pictures later this week! :) We are so excited about the extra space! Our very first house. 

On Sunday Bob and Sheri (My FIL and MIL) left for the US for an entire month so it's the Isaacs, Logan, myself and Caleb holding down fort! After they left, we continued to move until we crashed late last night...  

Today we had to be up early to serve a 24 person lunch to ex-military guys, one of which was a rude America-hating old man and will not be welcome back at our establishment... He pulled me aside to talk to me and luckily I had no idea what he was saying so I just smiled really big and said "oui" which means "yes"... when in doubt, I say "OUI" haha :) Sometimes ignorance is bliss- it's probably best I didn't understand what he said to me haha! 

Now I am at home with my feet up and surprise! We already have house guests.  Mind you, our home looks like a tornado blew through it!  We found out TODAY that they were coming in for the night... If you know me, you know that I really do NOT like last minute things like this, especially in the middle of a MOVE.  So I am trying to have a good attitude about it but I am exhuasted, jet lagged, and in task mode which isn't typically a hostess-friendly mood to be in :) 

On a more POSITIVE note, I cant wait to tell you all about my two amazing baby showers in DALLAS!!!! AND post progress pictures of our new home! 

Just wanted to pop in and say hello :) Hope your week is getting off to a GREAT start! 

Here are some teasers....



  1. i know it is tiring; but, what a grand adventure!

  2. Welcome home! I can't wait to see photos of your new house AND to see you next month in Montpellier! :)



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