Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stella's French-inspired Baby Shower

I have the world's most creative and wonderful friends! They had less than 8 weeks to throw together this baby shower and it was incredibly thoughtful down to every last detail.  So without further ado, here are some of my most favorite details!
Door decor: The door decoration was a framed "S" for Stella... even hung up by the cutest Eiffel Tower hook :) 
Sign in Sheet: The guest sign in was an adorable Etsy find where each guest signed their name on a balloon! This will be so cute to hang in her nursery as a keepsake.  
The Gifts:  I have to brag on my friends Nicki and Morgan for this idea.  Because of the whole international element, they wanted to find a creative way for the guests to not just give a check or gift cards, but to actually "sponsor" various baby items that I will need to purchase back here in France.  To accomplish this, they had glass apothecary jars tagged with the various items.  You just simply dropped your card into the jar that you wanted your money to go toward.  It was a fun way to still be creative and put thought into your gift, even if it was a "boring" gift card.  We SO appreciated and needed them, so thank you!  

Decorations: These banners were hung everywhere and this one was my favorite! I actually kept it to hang up once we bring Stella back home from the hospital :) 
The Food: The food spread was incredible. Everything was French-inspired: the quiche, the chocolate croissants, nuttella mousse, macarons, and cheese! 
They even wrote all the food tents in FRENCH! Cute huh? I have such intelligent, bilingual friends :) 
The drinks: We drank out of mason jars and put our names on the little flags.  Such a small, thoughtful, CUTE detail! 
The Activity: I had never seen this done at a baby shower before and I was blown away! It was a simple scrapbook where you picked out your patterned paper, answered the questions on the pre-printed sheet, glue-sticked it on, and stuck in your page! Logan and I read them later that night and got all teary and sentimental thinking that this was so much more than an activity at a baby shower... this is something our daughter is going to read and cherish someday.  (Even the out-of-towners had emailed in their answers. My friend Jen printed them out and had them in the book.  It was a great way for my long distance hostesses to still participate!) 
Favors: The favors were almost too pretty to eat! (Although I did eat one and it was delicious!) They were these incredible cookies decorated as Eiffel Towers, Stella or French onesies, and "Bonjour Bebe" banners.  
The Hostesses: I have such beautiful friends! My other hostesses (Bromli, Amanda, Jayne, and Allison) were so missed, but there in spirit.  Jayne actually was the one who made the incredible photo opp banner pictured below for the front porch.  It was the first thing I saw when we pulled up to the house... so perfect! 
The Grandmothers/ Favorite Aunt: Gigi, Me, Aunt Katy, and Mimi
The Stella Bump: 20 weeks exactly... 1/2 way there! 
A HUGE "MERCI" to all of my hostesses. I am so incredibly blessed by each of you, your generosity, your gifts, and most importantly... your friendship, even from an ocean away! I will NEVER forget this amazing day... It was magical. I love you all! Bisous XO


  1. This is unreal. I feel teary just reading about all the sweet details! Such amazing and creative friends!

    1. I know, right??? Your SIL needs to start a party planning business on the side... in all her "spare" time :)

  2. You are so lucky that you got such a nice friends and your shower is marvelous all the decoration is nice.I like the balloon signing sheet and that tower.
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