Monday, October 1, 2012

To Our Angel Baby

This week marks your due date.... A milestone we will never reach with you.  We are grateful to have your healthy little sister growing bigger every day, but we have not forgotten the hole that you left in our hearts in February.  As I have watched the other Moms due in October grow and blossom, I can't help but wonder what you would have been like.  A darling little boy or a sweet baby girl, just like our Stella.   I do know that Stella has 1 (or 2) siblings up in Heaven keeping my grandparents company until I get to hold you on the other side. There is HOPE. 

As your due date approaches and the other moms give birth to little perfect October beauties, I want to take a moment to say we have not forgotten you.  My heart still aches for the unknown, the unexplored, the mystery and unanswered prayers that we still don't understand.  We are forever your parents and biggest fans and I know that you are in good hands with your Perfect Creator and Heavenly Father.  We will raise your little sister in a way that she will know about you (when the time is right) and how sad we were that we never got to hold you.  You have already had a permanent impact on us, our extended family, and others around the world. You have strengthened me and your Daddy's marriage, taught us all about praying BOLD prayers, The Creator, and the miracle of pregnancy and creating a new life - something we will never take for granted. 

You changed us all for the better... we will never be the same. 

You are loved. You are cherished. You are forever in our hearts and minds. A painful memory at times, but something to look forward to someday. We will have eternity to hold you, know you, and love you.  I miss you. 

All my love,


*Below are a few pages of the art journal I made following the loss. It was my biggest coping mechanism and helped me beyond words. I needed a place to PUT things: verses, letters, sonograms, cards, pictures, etc. This was my "place." 


  1. Thinking of you, and very thankful you have something so exciting to look forward to right now to hopefully make the week a little easier for you!

  2. Prayers and love to u!! Your sweet angel baby is looking down, praising the Lord for such wonderful parents!! Prayers for you during this week, and Know I'm thinking of u;) hugs and love!

  3. love you. love your angel baby. love the huge impact such a teeny tiny soul had on so many hearts - and ever her own parents' marriage! also love the unconditional love that continues to be poured out on her/him. beautiful. heartbreaking. redemptive. sad. and filled with hope.

  4. What wonderful parents you are!! I know we will all have such a happy reunion in Heaven with all our loved ones one day. Until then we will hold Stella in our arms and Angel Baby in our hearts! Love you! XOXO



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