Wednesday, January 9, 2013

9 Month Stella Update!

How far along? 38.5 weeks! 

New symptoms: Lower back pain, frequent contractions, and what they like to call "lightning crotch" due to our girl's HEAD pressing down on some serious pelvic nerves, but Praise God she's comfortable in a headstand now! Also...TMI... lets just say my milk is/ has been coming in for a few weeks now.  AND I lost my "plug" today... so there's that too.  (Sorry for the over share!) 

Baby Stella: We had our end of term appointment yesterday and everything looked great! I was told I was not dilated at all and that she is sitting pretty high BUT the midwife said there is no way to predict when they will come. All it takes is 1 day of good contractions and everything changes! I will also have you know she is already estimated to weigh 7.5 lbs... as in, RIGHT NOW.  So we were sent home yesterday and told not to come back until I am in active labor with contractions 5 minutes apart! Pretty crazy to think that next time we make that drive will most likely be the day we meet our baby girl :) 

Due Date Predictions: Genetically speaking, I was a past due (HUGE) baby and the Frenchman was 3 weeks early.  So there is no telling :) I think it's funny when people try to tell you when your baby will come based on their experience because every single person and pregnancy is unique - so its really just a guessing game! We would love sooner than later... I mean what woman is NOT anxious to meet their little one once they know they are fully "cooked" and healthy? But ultimately, our girl is already in charge! 
Total weight gain: 28.5 pounds as of a few weeks ago... we didn't weigh in at the appointment yesterday.  My stepsister Lindsay gave me great perspective - she said the bigger the baby, the more you lose on delivery day! So bring on the 8+ pound baby :) haha 
Clothes: I need to send a personal "Thank You" note to the person who invented leggings. If I didn't have these bad boys, I would be living in my husband's sweatpants all day, every day. I am also sleeping in his undershirts at night because none of my t-shirts fit at this point! 
Stretch Marks:  Still none on the belly! 

Rings: Still on and happy to report no swollen cankles either! 
Sleep: Still can't really complain... Frequent potty breaks and changing sides due to hip pain. I thought I should also note that post-baby I think I am going to have to wrestle my husband for the body pillow. It has become a very welcome 3rd addition to our sleep set-up :) 
Miss Anything: Right now I am just missing family and friends to be honest... Can't wait for my parents to get here in a few weeks and my sister for her Spring Break in March! 
Food Cravings: Sweets. What is my DEAL!??!?! Specifically... Oreos and milk. Every. Single. Day. 
Best Moment of the Week: Finding out that our girl TURNED and we would no longer need a C-Section...which mind you was for TODAY!!! It is weird to think that we could have potentially been holding our 7.5 lb daughter at this very moment if things hadn't changed.  We are anxious to meet her, but MUCH happier that she will come naturally and when she's ready.  The PLAN is for Logan to actually get to deliver her. (Along with the midwives supervision of course!) 
Looking Forward To: Meeting our daughter! Oh my gosh I can hardly contain the excitement... I mean I am dreading my one day of PAIN, but I know she's worth it. It is pretty fun and exciting to know it could happen at any moment of any day! 
And finally, here is a BUMP catch up... perhaps the last one?!?! We will see! 

38 wks


  1. Look at you! All ready to go. You look fab. And as for your thanks to the person who invented leggings, I think that and I'm not pregnant! I think there is also a special thanks to the person that invented JEGGINGS too! Hang in there!

  2. I remember "lightning crotch" vividly!! OUCH!

  3. Good luck! We can't wait to hear your news. I predict a Friday baby!!! --Fee & Brad

  4. Sooo exciting!!! You will never forget that moment u meet ur sweet lil one!!! CANNOT WAIT!!! Love ya!!

  5. You are so close! And your milk is coming in?! Awesome...just getting a head start :) You look awesome. Can't wait for the big news! Come on Stella!! Love you guys!

    1. Well my book says technically it is "colostrum" at this point, but yes... leaky for a few weeks now! Weird, huh?



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