Monday, January 14, 2013

A Thank You Note

I thought I would take a minute to personally thank these items for getting me through the home stretch of this pregnancy.  I wouldn't be able to do this without you! 

1. BIRTHING BALL - Starting this week, my preferred "chair" is the birthing ball.  I have been in lots of pain this weekend (down there) and this is literally the only place I am comfortable because sitting on any surface, standing, and even lying down is uncomfortable now.  So we bounce, we roll, we sit...and we deflate and have to pump up every few days, ha!
2.  CASTLE- Why did I not watch this show in the US?!?!? It combines comedy with murder mysteries! Since I am on maternity leave, it is cold and rainy, we don't have a Target or any shopping closer than a 30 minute drive away, and we have ZERO business so far this month... we have had LITERAL "cabin fever"... Seasons 1-5 have really given us much-needed entertainment and escape! Thank you Kate Beckett and Richard Castle. 
3. OREOS AND MILK- I probably look like this girl most days... Is it sad to admit having my Oreos and Milk snack every day is one of the things I savor and look forward to from the moment I wake up in the morning? Oh the sweet tooth... 
4. SHOWER- Coming from the girl who HATED showers and only took them out of necessity in the past, I have come to savor this moment every day. I think the Frenchman is pleased that I smell so good all the time - The truth is we have a seat, jets, and unlimited access to piping hot water and I spend a good 20 minutes in there every day. It somehow eases all the aches and pains.  SADLY, our bathtub is ruined due to the RAT STORY a few months ago.  Last weekend when Logan went upstairs to draw me a bath, we found that the drain piping was the rat's entryway into our home and had completely eaten through it! (GROSS) - So our ceiling started leaking, there were vacuums, fans, and  chaos.... so I am being forced to stick to my long, lingering showers and that's okay for me - hey I have a chair AND jets, life ain't too bad. 
5. TUMS... Sadly, we only have a few of these puppies left! My stomach (the organ) has now flattened into a pancake shoved inside of me somewhere and the reflux is still around in her full glory! These have been a lifesaver and much better tasting than the liquid squeeze pack called "Gaviscon" here in France- think Go-Gurt (remember that yogurt stuff you would squeeze out of a tube?) but with nasty tasting medicine inside.  
6. BELOVED HOT WATER BOTTLE-  She has eased my chronic upper back pain for the last few months and is now having to double duty her time in between my legs due to the lovely "lightning crotch" symptoms that have rapidly amped up this weekend showing no mercy. Lets hope the end is near... 

7. HUSBAND OF THE YEAR... even though its just January :) This man has massaged, cooked, cleaned, and done every single thing I have asked him to the last few pathetic weeks. I know I am a wimp and complaining a lot and hormonal...but he has been such a good sport and always has a joke and a smile to offer when the mood needs lightening up! AND look how good he is looking these days??? In my baby book it asks "Weight Gained" for Mom and Dad and ever since he read that last summer his butt has been determined to write a NEGATIVE number which he will easily achieve - Him and his skinny jeans keep losing weight while I slowly morph into a beached whale.  
That's all I've got for now... We are having a stare down with 39 weeks and hoping THIS will be the week our girl decides to join the party :) Stay tuned... Note: The ticker at the top of this blog is for a US due date, not our French due date of January 28th. I will not be induced until February 1st if it comes to that... in which case I will most likely be giving birth to a girl who is already in her 6-9 month clothing. 


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  1. You are so close! I remember living on the birthing ball and in the shower those last few pregnancy weeks. Funny when I think of it, I spent almost all of my labor on the ball and in the shower too! Thinking of you three xxoo Karen

    1. Thanks so much Karen :) We can't wait to show her to the world!!! Yeah the birthing ball is coming with us to the hospital for sure haha

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