Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy Fourth!

The 4th of July has not been a holiday our family has really put a lot of time and energy into for the past few years.   For one, we were living in France for 2 years (where they do not celebrate America's Independence Day haha!) and Stella has just been too little and too sleepy to stay up for the fireworks!

This year we decided to embrace our new community in Richardson and participate in some local events! We started off with our besties (The Schulze Family) at the Richardson Parade full of decorated bikes and cars.  After the parade we were at Bowie Elementary where they had a bounce house, some fun DJs, and complimentary hot dogs and drinks! Logan got Stella chanting "USA! USA!" and she kept stealing the flags in people's yards… Sorry! 

After a strategic late nap, we cooked a yummy  meal at our house with "Gigi" and decided to give the Richardson Fireworks a try! We prepped Stella before we went by showing her videos of fireworks and may or may not have played the Katy Perry "Fireworks" video several times to get her in the mood! The event was seamless from beginning to end- We took (FREE) shuttle school buses to the location and made sure we put our quilt down really close to the buses so we could beat the traffic of thousands of people trying to get home!  My only complaint is that the show started at 10PM which I feel like is too late considering it was dark around 9:15pm.  Stella was HILARIOUS commenting on the entire show.  She would yell stuff like "OHHHH BIG ONE!!" "Come ON, Fireworks!" "Again again… They heard me!" And as we were walking out… "Mama… 1 more time?" Chloé slept through the whole thing (despite the noise) and the weather was perfect with a slight breeze! Stella woke up this morning begging to go see fireworks again today… Sister is going to be disappointed when she finds out this is a 1x / year holiday! That being said, we will definitely be celebrating the 4th of July moving forward! It was such a fun day! Thank goodness today is Sunday because we are not leaving our house or PJs… A day of REST is just what the doctor ordered! 

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