Wednesday, June 29, 2016

It Is Well With My Soul: Part 4

The week following my last update I made HUGE STRIDES!!!! I was able to talk a bit more... I got a few letters back such as "M" and "S" and was able to control the volume of my voice. Loud and Soft.  I still can't yell which is probably a good thing until Stella refuses to leave playgrounds or pools.

I also started to eat again... which in turn made me feel MUCH BETTER physically. It is still not EASY to eat or swallow but I am able to eat most foods as long as I have water nearby to help push it down.  I have not lost any more weight and have welcomed the chance to order REGULAR Chi Tea Lattes at Starbucks instead of my normal NONFAT haha! #ALLTHECALORIES #BRINGITON

To be honest, the past week there has been minor improvement but nothing substantial.  Sadly the retainer I had made actually made it harder to eat and swallow but I suppose it was worth a try.  It is JUST MONEY. I have to remember that.  Who cares.

Where are we now? We are waiting blood results to see if a spinal tap is necessary.  I am praying its not but in the same sense if I don't have to get one.... We are still left with lots of questions.

I would love your prayers on direction.  Spend more money and involve more doctors who potentially may say the same thing? Or continue to wait it out and pray it improves/ runs its course?

I find immense comfort in knowing that The Great Physician has the answers and the timeline of this.  I am looking forward to the day where all of this is behind me. Some days I am okay and completely at peace.  Other days I get SO frustrated with this condition and become impatient and angry.  I am pretty self conscious about my voice right now but thought I would share a video I sent my Prayer Warriors yesterday.  THIS IS SO MUCH PROGRESS compared to how we started off on June 5th.

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