Tuesday, July 5, 2016

One Month and Love Notes

Today marks 1 month of this health journey. Thousands of dollars, numerous doctors and no answers/ minor improvement. God is my daily portion. The only thing giving me the endurance & perseverance to keep pushing through. This week starts a journey with new doctors & second opinions. I'm praying BOLDLY that God will give these men and women insight and wisdom that only He can provide for SOLUTIONS. As Logan told me this weekend, let's stop focusing on the why and what... And focus on the HOW to get better. Through medicine or miracle I'm believing that I will be restored 100%. He STILL HEALS.

God speaks to me so much through lyrics and music.... After reaading Susie Davis' Unafraid, I have considered these jewels my "love notes" from God.  He gave me this one this morning.

If I call, will You come
When I cry, do You hear
I believe every tear
Is caught up by a faithful God
So I will cry until You come
Cast my cares into Your arms
I can't see past this storm
But I'm counting on a faithful God

Faithful God
You hold my life secure
All my days are Yours
I believe
My God is like a fire defending me

I believe You still heal
And demons still bow
I'm convinced there is power
In trusting in a faithful God
So I will praise till You appear
And set Your foot upon this shore
I declare that every foe
Is subject to my faithful God

I know that You are mine
And I am Yours, I am Yours
I know Your faithfulness
It will endure, it will endure

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